Frequently Asked Questions



+ What is hydroponics?

We provide plants with everything they need to grow, including light, CO2 and nutrient-rich water, without the need for soil!

With this method, the plants spend less time growing out their roots and more time growing the edible portions, such as fruit and leaves.

+ what nutrients do the plants get?

Each unique plant receives a custom blend of optimized micronutrients, as well as the necessary macronutrients; potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

+ do your systems grow cannabis?

Our system is optimized for food, not cannabis. While there is significant interest in this new economic opportunity, we remain focused on bringing clean, affordable and healthy food to communities.

+ how many plants can the system grow per week?

We can grow 450 plants per week using the Supermarket growing racks, it typically yields 9000lbs annually.

+ how much produce can a system grow annually?

One system has the peak operating capacity of 12 000lbs annually (lettuce/herbs). If you want to grow a good variety of crops within one system, it typically yields 9000lbs annually.



Technical & Installation

+ How can i power a growing system?

Our systems can be powered through our 10.8 kW solar additions, or can be connected to the grid (requires a 240V connection). The heaters in our system are either electric, or fuelled by heating oil/natural gas.

+ can the systems operate off the grid?

Yes, our systems can operate completely off grid, relying on solar power and heating oil/natural gas.

+ what temperatures have the systems operated in?

Our systems have operated in as cold as -52C, and as warm as 40C.

+ what happens if there's a power outage?

Our systems will continue to function properly for a number of hours after an outage, as they are very well insulated. However, if power outages are common in your community, we offer compatible back up generators.

+ how long does it take to order and install a system?

Our systems are fully operational within five days of landing in your community. This includes two days of installation and three days of operator training.

+ does the system require a wifi connection to use 24/7 monitoring?

No, our network of partners ensures we can connect to a system anywhere in the world, including by satellite when there is no WiFi or cellular coverage.

+ how are growcer systems built?

Our systems are manufactured from lightly-used shipping containers. They are centrally built in a certified factory to the same standard as mobile homes.



+ How much time does the system take to manage?

We suggest allowing for 10-12 hours weekly for the management of your system. In addition to this, it is recommended that you reserve and additional two hours per week for and maintenance and cleaning that may be required.

In the beginning stages, you should allow for 35-40 hours for a number of weeks until you understand the operation processes fully.

+ what experience do i need to operate the growcer?

None! We will give you all the training you need during our three day training session.

+ what can i grow?

We have a full list of what we grow at

+ How much maintenance does it require?

We supply extra parts for all components of your system, which can be easily swapped out when necessary. Additionally, a portion of your revenues should be set aside annually for larger tasks such as paint touch-ups.

+ can i buy a single growcer to start and add more later?

Yes, that's exactly what they're designed for. We also offer add-on pieces such as kitchens, cold storage areas and an office module.