Bring healthy, local options to your community


farming made simple

Whether you’re looking to farm on weekends, start a commercial farming operation, or are wanting to cut food costs in your existing business, we’ll help you work out a strategy that fits your needs.


Support every step of the way

We’ve been in your shoes before. We'll help you plan and make sure you’re well prepared.

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Consistent Returns

Experience predictable returns and costs over time, and year-round profitability. Learn how much you could earn.



Built for the world’s harshest climates, Growcer systems will operate through anything Mother Nature throws your way. Maintenance is easy, and every system ships with a backup for every critical component that can be swapped out within minutes.


all-in-one farming solutions for you

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GRowing system

Find the growing system that's right for you.

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24/7 remote monitoring and tech support

Have peace of mind with Internet-enabled monitoring. Configured to send SMS or email notifications during any major event

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start selling online


Facebook selling

Website (subscription)

Google Business

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sell produce in person

Accept credit cards.

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Technical training on-site

Food Safety and Safe food handling

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value-added product solutions





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Benefits with Growcer



Only requires power, a water refill every 3-4 weeks, a 20 lb. propane tank, and an annual material replenishment.


reliable and user-friendly technology

Designed for the world's harshest conditions, our systems install within a day and achieve consistent yields no matter the weather.


quality built for THE LONG HAUL

Our system offers better parts and greater reliability, resulting in higher yields, consistent ROI, and more money in your pocket.


get started today

It all started when...

  1. Contact us to evaluate your needs
  2. Plan: Measure your market, build your strategy
  3. Number & type of systems
  4. Choose a suitable location: Get approvals (BCR; municipality/zoning)
  5. Invest: Financing and funding
  6. Build & Ship!
  7. Training
  8. Launch