Growing Systems

grow food in any climate year round


The AGS-IV is a state-of-the-art farming system that combines hydroponic technology with precision climate controls to enable current and aspiring farmers to grow fresh produce with ease.


Plug and play

Once delivered, connect the system to power, fill with water, and get growing right away.

Part-time farmer friendly

10-12 hours weekly to operate, thanks to a complete automation system.

Year-round profitability

Consistent quality, yields and production cost, no matter the weather.

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1,800 planting slots yield over 230 lbs of produce per week. Learn more about crop possibilities.


Designed to be operated without any prior technical or farming knowledge, thanks to our training program.


Only requires power, a water refill every 3-4 weeks, a 20 lb. propane tank, and an annual material replenishment.




As modern farmers ourselves, we know reliability and performance are critical to building a profitable business. That's why our systems are manufactured with the highest quality standards in our industry.


About our Product Certifications

  • CSA A277 is a product certification that ensures pre-fabricated structures are compliant and built to meet or exceed the National Building Code. This certification also includes a review of the system's structural integrity, our manufacturing processes, and our factory testing procedures. The A277 program replaces the need for an on-site inspection upon delivery, saving our customers money and potentially costly on-site modifications.
  • ISO 9001:2015 is the gold standard for quality assurance and quality management programs in the manufacturing sector.
  • Stamped engineered drawings in every jurisdiction we do business in, rated to the highest snow and wind load levels.