Launch Support

Getting new farms off the ground

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Whether you’re an experienced farmer or are just getting started, our team will work closely with you to ensure your new venture will be successful. Our supports for new farmers were developed specifically to prepare all new operators while helping them anticipate challenges that lay ahead.

Horticultural training

Learn the ropes of growing commercially.


Employee training

Food safety and train-the-trainer options. Refresher training for peace of mind.


Business and Operational Training

Marketing, sales management, bookkeeping.

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Shipping and Installation

Every new Growcer operation is installed by our qualified technicians on site, ensuring new farms get up and running smoothly.

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Ship Anywhere

We offer shipping and logistic services through northern and international logistics partners. We've shipped by air, road, sea, rail and intermodal.

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On-site configuration & Training

Growcer systems can be installed and fully operational within as few as two days. Our technicians unpack, calibrate, and perform full system tests to guarantee your farm will run optimally.


Curious about how quickly you could have a fully operational farm?

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Support doesn't stop after your first - or even your 50th - successful harvest. Our team provides technical and operational support for the lifetime of our systems.

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Technical Support 7 days a week

Dedicated one-on-one farmer support with our team via call, text, or email. Our remote control capabilities allow us to login and control to your system remotely, so we can identify and correct any problems you're experiencing.


Reliability and Easy Maintenance

Our growing systems are designed to be rugged and require no technical background to repair. Every system is equipped with spare parts for every major component, allowing for easy replacement. If a part breaks or is worn, simply unplug it and swap out with your spare. We lead our industry in manufacturing quality, building our systems for a 30-year lifespan along with a manufacturer's warranty on components and workmanship.


Knowledge Base & Peer Network

By joining The Growcer family, you'll gain access to an exclusive knowledge base of helpful tools and information, as well as an online network of Growcer's farmers. Easily find answers to what you're looking for, connect with other farmers in our network, share ideas, and share your successes with one another.