Investing in Food Sovereingty

Supporting Development Corps interested in local food

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We enable Indigenous-owned Development Corporations to invest in scalable food ventures that have the potential to generate strong financial returns, while also positively impacting qualify of life for community residents.


Proven Technology

Our Growing Systems have been proven to generate positive cashflow consistently in some of the world's harshest environments.

Enterprise Services

Offering specialized services for multi-location businesses. Our model is built to help development corps scale up, including a standardized training program for employees.


Financing support

If capital is a barrier, we can help you understand your options for low-cost financing, leasing or joint ventures.

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Benefits To Development Corporations

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Cashflow & investment diversification

Experience consistent strong cashflow year-round, with little to no seasonal swings. Food demand is consistent year-round, shielding your investment from market contractions and seasonality that impact other industries.

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Vertical integration

Capture more value & save money in your supply chain by doing business with your existing subsidiaries, including shipping, fuel, and food service businesses (restaurant, convenience and grocery).


Retain more wealth locally

Leverage existing demand for food nearby, by exporting food to nearby camps (incl. mining, oil & gas) and chain retailers. Growcer keeps more money in the local economy, creates meaningful local jobs and more.

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Why Food?


Low-risk Investment

Generate consistent cashflow by producing & selling products that are in consistent demand year-round and are a necessity for community members. Growcer systems protected from any adverse weather, and have been proven to generate consistent returns.


Improve quality of life

Growcer systems provide consistent food volumes year-round, providing better quality, more affordable produce to community members that improves overall health outcomes.


Economic development

Growcer systems help grow local economies through local production & procurement. Investments in Growcer help start a viable local business that creates meaningful jobs and delivers value to the community.

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