The Arctic
Growing System IV


The only hydroponic solution built for the world's harshest conditions.

Built within new 40' shipping containers, the AGS-IV is a state-of-the-art farming system that combines hydroponic technology with precision climate controls to enable current and aspiring farmers to grow fresh produce with ease. The system is automated and monitored remotely, ensuring optimal conditions are maintained to achieve consistent yields year-round - in temperatures as cold as -52°C (-61.6°F).

System Benefits

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Grow year-round

High efficiency LED lights




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Engineered for the Arctic

Arctic entryway
Comfortable work environment
Fully automated and remote monitoring



Consistent, Quality Yields

Makes the most use of the small space

                  Easy Maintenance

Complex, high-tech systems are only harder and more expensive to repair. That's WHY we've simplified the complex, and our systems use standard parts whenever possible to ensure any repairs can be achieved, and you'll easily find spare parts when you need them


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Easily Installed Anywhere

The system arrives on site and ready to grow. Once your system arrives, you'll be fully operational within 4 days!

THE AGS-iV can also easily ship to any community, even in the most remote regions - we offer shipping by rail, road, air, and sea.  





up to 12,000 lbs of produce annually

= 5 servings of produce/day for 108 people annually


What You Can Grow

The Arctic Growing System allows for the harvesting of a wide range of fresh produce items, and we're continuing to expand the number of tested crops every day!
Wondering if we can grow a specific crop? Inquire for more details.


Leafy Vegetables & Brassicas

Grow fresh, crisp leafy greens and hearty brassicas.


                    Fruiting Veggies


Our systems make it possible to grow fruiting veggies including Eggplant, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Chilli Peppers, and Bell Peppers. Development efforts are continuing to improve yields.





Enjoy juicy strawberries as a popular treat in your community!

R&D efforts are continuing to measure other berries (like aqpik!) and improve yields further.



Grow fresh herbs including Parsley, Basil, Dill, and Thyme.