How did it start?

After experiencing the high cost of food first-hand, we tried to find a feasible, cost-effective solution to the problem, but found nothing that was suitable. So we decided to build it ourselves.

Alida and Corey, Co-Founders

Alida and Corey, Co-Founders

Our Personal Mission

The goal with The Growcer is to enable local food production in communities across Canada, while building capacity through nutrition education, technical employment training and by supporting new food ventures.

Today, we support people that - like us - believe in a better, more efficient food production system to serve northern Canada.  Leveraging our experience in building innovative food-related businesses, we envision our venture providing real opportunities and impact in regions that need it.

The Growcer is a social enterprise of Enactus, an organization that strives to improve the livelihoods of those in need through entrepreneurial action. Using the same concepts that drive for-profit businesses every day, Enactus tackles some of society’s toughest challenges by creating, scaling and ultimately handing off fully self-sustaining social enterprises. A global network, students are able to share their solutions with top executives from around the world focused on the triple bottom line.  

Nutrition Education

To raise awareness and reduce the barriers to healthy and nutritious eating.

Capacity Building

To create opportunities for technical training in hydroponics and the trades, as well as support the development of new food-related startups.